Out of Stock

When I self-published Diffraction, I had no idea how many hard copies I might need and guesstimated 15.

Those got claimed faster than expected. So I ordered another 12 after the 15 arrived. 

But when people saw me handing out the signed copies, more friends said, “Me too.” So now all 12 are claimed before they even get here. And now I need to order more.

I never anticipated writing would be something I do for a living, so I’m realistic about the fact that 30 or 40 copies of a self-published book does not equal best-seller.

But it puts a smile on my face nonetheless.

Thanks to those who gave my writing a shot!

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    It is an awesome start man and I hope you sell a ton more! I am happy to hear you are giving out hardcopies as well! If you haven’t checked his blog and book out go and give David a visit! His book Diffraction can also be found in the online book store on my site! -OM
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