My fantasy novel Diffraction is available for purchase in paperback at CreateSpace, and both paperback and Kindle on Amazon, where KindleUnlimited users can read it for free.

If you prefer hearing it straight from the author’s mouth, you can watch a YouTube introduction to the book.

And here’s the back cover copy:

From daybreak ’til the sun goes down, Devoted are called to serve the Light and follow the edicts of the pacifist Abbey. But to Lyllithe, the outcast half-blood in the remote village of Northridge, power is meant to be displayed and used, not hidden.
When her Aeramental heritage pulls Lyllithe in a different direction, her convictions conflict with the faith of her family and force her to choose:
What exactly am I devoted to?

“I told Dave fantasy is not my genre. But from the start, Lyllithe’s stumbles and successes drew me in and held my interest. Dave’s quality writing won over an unlikely fan.” – Kat Crawford, author of Capsules of Hope.

“Like any good fantasy, Diffraction touches on age-old struggles: How do I use my unique gifts? Who will I be when competing voices pull me in opposing directions? Dave’s handling is poignant, not preachy. The well-developed characters, compelling story line, and excellent writing make me eager for more.” – Jeanie Jacobson, six-time contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Caveat Emptor, of course, so here are the first nine chapters available as a preview.

Chapter One: Markday

Chapter Two: The Light of Life

Chapter Three: Things that Matter

Chapter Four: Stormclouds Brewing

Chapter Five: Obligations

Chapter Six: An Unexpected Gift

Chapter Seven: Playing with Fire

Chapter Eight: Together

Chapter Nine: Soulforged


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