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About me:

I’m not a fan of segmented life–where people expect you to keep this or that aspect of your life separate from every other part.

You can expect all of this and then some.

I am who I am, and my every-day intention is to be completely authentically me in every setting where I find myself. So if you follow this blog at all, here’s a spoiler of what you’ll see. There’s D&D. There are video games. There are links to music and lyrics of songs I’ve written. There are thoughts and examples concerning all the other writing I would like to do. Spiritual themes intersect in all of the above. And I also have an awesome wife and four amazing children, and you can bet that I’ll talk about them. All of this is part of who I am. It may be jumbled together, and sometimes spirituality might mix with my thoughts on a D&D campaign, or my aircrew experience might pop up in a short story. To me, that’s just a part of being human–we’re not organized like file folders on the computer, where your faith goes in this box and your hobby goes in that one, and your work goes here and your family goes there.

This blog is a place for me to communicate everything that makes me me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Facts about SonWorshiper:

Lucky and happy husband since 1998

Father of four (1 girl, 3 boys)

Coffee fiend

Christian (as if the nickname SonWorshiper didn’t give that away)

Worshiper / Songwriter / Singer / Pianist

Writer (of some sort)

Video game addict (XBox 360, PC)

Coffee fiend

Artist of decent but unprofessional quality

Table-top Role Playing Gamer (and sometimes DM)

Not quite a chef, but sure loves to cook food

Subsequently enjoys eating food (maybe too much)

Former Spin / Indoor Cycling instructor / Group Fitness certified instructor

Did I mention Coffee fiend?

David Williamson, Author page

SonWorshiper on SoundCloud


After (not much) cajoling from a few people whose opinions I value, I agreed to start a blog. I don’t quite know what I will do with this thing, but I’ll probably use it to post various written pieces, songs, poetry, and the occasional rant. There might even be some life mixed in, as I watch four insane children grow up around me.

If nothing else, I take this as an opportunity to share my life with anyone willing to go past a “Like” on Facebook, a “Hey man” at work, or a “Nice to see you, Brother” in church. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because on some level you know me already. So thank you for taking the time to let me share a little more.

There will possi-probably be a religious bent to much of what I post… but based on past experience, I suspect it will be a little too secular for some of my Christian acquaintances, and a little too Christian for some of my secular friends. Hopefully I can find that middle ground where anyone on either side of that equation knows that I respect them even if we disagree on a particular topic.

If there’s one piece I’ve written that closely communicates my religious feelings, it is the piece below. I feel that’s a good choice to begin with on this site, because it’s an attitude I hope I never abandon.

I’ve forgotten what it meant

that You reached out to the leper.

You saw the need and You responded.

I’ve forgotten what it meant that You ignored the condemning cries

and told the sinner, “Go and sin no more.”

I’ve forgotten what You came for.

Sitting with the wicked,

yet separated by Your virtue…

I separate myself by venue.

You reach down into the gutter

and lift up the one in need.

I’d be afraid to get dirt on my Sunday best.

My Christian tie could get ruined.

And You loved those You saw

as You traveled by foot from city to city.

I try not to get caught speeding,

since someone might see the fish

or the church bumper sticker on my car.

Miracles followed You.

They don’t seem to catch up with me.

You did all You could

to make the message known,

while I get scared someone might ruin

the gold edge of my Bible as I witness,

armed with a leather-bound book.

You were armed with a heart of love,

and You died innocent between two thieves

to heal the one who was sick but never knew it.

I’ve forgotten what it meant

that You reached out to the leper,

but now I remember Your touch.

And though nine others forget,

I’m coming back to thank You,

And I’m bringing some of my sick friends.

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  1. “After (not much) cajoling from a few people whose opinions I value”

    I obviously didn’t make the cut lol. Way to go man for for putting yourself out there. I have enjoyed reading your blog so far and look forward to further entries.

    Sincerely your non valued friend, (hehe)


  2. Good to see you here old friend from Cabanna! You and your wife are making me re-think this entire blog thing. I might just start writing here again myself. I make my own music too, only I can’t play any actual instrument, I do it all via computer. Maybe we will swap songs some time. . .

    1. Are you still hanging around Blogdom Betty? Must be several years since I’ve logged into FW 🙂
      Sorry to hijack one of your comments Dave, I came here via The Daily Post. Am going exploring in a minute 🙂

  3. Hi David! Pleasure to meet you. 🙂 Authentically real is always nice. Thank you for following my blog. I hope you find plenty of worthwhile stuff on it! I’m looking forward to perusing yours and getting to know you better. Cheers (as my friends across the pond say)

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