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In April, I participated in the annual A-to-Z Blog Challenge.

My theme centered around giving good critique in a writers’ group, including a suggested model for how to run a critique group.

I compiled all the posts (26 for A through Z, plus 3 bonus entries) into a book and e-book version called Elements of Critique.


Critique group has meant the world to me, and I want others to experience the same benefit. I’ve seen this model work for several years since I decided to pursue writing as a serious endeavor.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

Appearance – paying attention to proper format for submisions, since the vast majority of submissions are rejected on this basis alone

Dialogue – tips for crafting realistic and useful banter between characters

Hooks – the importance of keeping your reader interested

Nuance – when to make something more clear and when to be more subtle

Repetition – catching the words we use all too often to create a better flow

Tense – the importance of maintaining a proper verb tense throughout a piece

Unclear – what to do when a piece isn’t saying all that it needs to

Wordiness – a list of words to minimize or eliminate in text

PLUS the three chapter section on starting and running your own critique group:

Perspective – the right attitude to maintain

Participation – the right way to join in

Plan – a reliable format for a group


Happy writing!


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