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Guys, Man Up

There’s no reason I should have to say this. But I do.

I’m disgusted.

Dear all guys anywhere:

After you go into the bathroom and put your hands on or near your junk to do your business, wash your freakin’ hands!

No one wants you touching the bathroom door, or office supplies, or the restaurant table, or other people with your unwashed hands.

Sorry, not sorry. There’s no room for mercy or grace here. You don’t wash your hands afterward? You’re a horrible human being, simple as that.

“Dave, come on, I know some people do that, but is it really so prevalent that you’d waste a blog post on it?”

Yes. It is. I daresay the majority of men who use the bathroom at the same time as me are walking right out the door without touching a drop of water, let alone some soap.

Grossed out? You probably should be.

I know I’m shouting into a storm, peeing into the wind, as they say. I doubt a blog post will change some filthy person’s behavior.

But I can hope.

Until then, there’s always these:


Also great on stuff that’s been touched by people’s junk.