SaluteGate Seriously?

Maybe there are other things worth noting.
Maybe there are other things worth noting.

If you’ve seen a video or picture of the “Latte Salute” a.k.a. Semper Venti, or if you’ve heard (or participated in) the rambling cries of how much our President supposedly hates the military and disrespects them by this action, I invite you to check this link,

Warning: there’s some language in the article, and the comments section as always should be avoided as the bane of rational thought.

But the writer absolutely KILLS it on this subject.

Let’s give our thought and attention to that which is deserving.

2 thoughts on “SaluteGate Seriously?”

  1. ANGRY LOUD NOISES!!! I can’t believe that a civilian would fail to render the appropriate military curtesy in this way! I mean who do people think he is, some kind of non-military person who has no need of nor any reason to be trained in military traditions!? Oh. Wait. That’s exactly who he is. The NON-Military leader of the military. Do I think it would increase my respect for the person who went out of his/her way to learn and follow military traditions in the appropriate way in the appropriate time? Yes. Does he have to? No. Does it really say anything negative about his character? No. People need to keep the main thing(s) the main thing(s) and stop fighting over this trivium.

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