Face It

I am a procrastinator.

I almost waited until tonight tomorrow to get this posted.

This has been a long weekend of 12 hour days, waking up at 4 AM to complete Mandarin-Chinese homework due at 8 AM, working through lunch, then catching up after language class on other office work or exercise until 5 or 6 PM (or 7).

Saturday was going to be “do nothing day” but we have some settling in and unpacking still to do. So today became “run errands and pay bills, then unpack boxes organize storage, then build furniture and move other furniture, while keeping laundry going and making some lunch to feed the family with what’s left in the pantry, because don’t forget, we need to get groceries today.”

I woke up wanting to turn on the Xbox and wait until I was cajoled or nagged into action by my wife.

But I figured get the pain over with, and then I can chill later, with both the sense of relaxation and the satisfaction of a job well done.

I found this pic in my feed:


It challenges my thoughts about creativity and work. I have been meaning to write – not just a blog post or poem here and there, but writing further on my novel.

Like the housework, I can hide my head in the sand (play Xbox, browse Facebook, read blogs…) and tell myself “later.”

Or I can turn and face it.

Something to remember in a couple hours when I sit down and choose between games and writing…

Your dreams aren’t going to make themselves happen apart from your effort.

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