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I'm Lovin' It?

I ran out of Sumatra coffee and wasn’t able to run to the store to get more. This is a dreadful state of affairs for a coffee fiend.

With a busy flying schedule, my options were limited. The 24-hour shoppette on our base had Dunkin Donuts coffee, which I count as vile, acidic filth not worth my time. It’s got a thick and bitter aftertaste that I despise. I like strong coffee with intense flavors, but I don’t want it to coat my throat like an oil slick.

McCafe was the only other option. (Ok, Folgers and Maxwell House might have been on the shelf too, but come on.)


You get one chance at this, Ronald McDonald…

I brewed up a pot this morning to prepare for my flight.

Yeah, it’s pretty much McDonalds coffee brewed in my own pot. I fear that’s some kind of sin. 

It leaves that similar oily coating like the old commercials for Pepto-Bismol, an intended feature of the latter product, and a terrible failure in a cup of coffee.

I won’t be trying this again… unless of course it’s 11 PM and there’s no Folger’s on the Shoppette shelf.