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Don't Drink the Water

As I watch (and I admit, occasionally engage in) the meltdowns on Facebook and other social media, here’s a non-partisan thought on politics:

It’s not weakness to admit the shortcomings of the candidate or party you support. It’s not treachery to admit where the other candidate or party does well. Rather than making you a traitor to your own, it reveals you’re a person of consideration and character, refusing to be swept along by a stream of half-true headlines or news bites that tell you exactly what you might want to hear.
More than the evils of either (IMHO abysmal) main party candidate, I fear the drones on both sides who refuse to see anything that disagrees with what they want to believe.

Those who dismiss everything their candidate does wrong as if it isn’t on record and readily available for public review.

Those who turn on and savage public figures who they counted as allies for years prior to some perceived slight or difference of opinion.

Those who rely on the most suspect and sketchy source as fact when it is not supported by even one mainstream media outlet (and I include Fox in that).

This year I feel left with two horrible choices and perhaps a couple slightly better options that have no realistic chance of winning.

I want to blame the parties, the system, those in power.

But in my dealings with friends on both the right and the left, it’s all too clear that we’ve got the election the American people asked for.

I don’t unfriend people on Facebook. I may not agree with everyone but I like the variety of viewpoints (which I thought was one of the strong points of social media).

In light of willful, repeated ignorance in the face of several corrections or challenges, I’ve had to consider it several times now. Even people who concede one day that their extreme points take it too far–these same people will repeat the exact same words the next day as if it’s some obvious, unassailable truth.

In Rio, some sources report the water is tainted with sewage. Athletes are reportedly being advised: “Particpate, but keep your mouth closed to avoid contamination.”

I feel like that is good advice for social media over the next few months, as well as for the voting booth in November.

100 more days. (Followed by four years of further baseless and myopic vitriol on both sides.)

Good luck, America, and good night.

No Vote for You

While I am displeased by all the shenanigans and posturing on the GOP side, and I’m especially appalled that someone like Donald Trump can say whatever he wants and treat people like crap and yet still have a realistic shot of winning half the country’s support, I have to share this one.

No, I will not ever vote for someone who treats the American people like a bunch of idiots in the way Hillary Clinton does here. No, I will not bestow my vote upon you when you play so profoundly stupid as to not know what the question “Did you wipe the server” actually means. No, I will not consider you a serious contender for public office nor will I afford you any respect as a person. If you become Commander-in-Chief, I will execute orders faithfully out of respect for the office you hold and the oaths I have made. Because unlike you I have some measure of integrity. And I’ll complete my multiple annual computer-based training courses that tell me how to handle classified information and properly maintain official government records, then I’ll actually follow that guidance. But there’s no respect for a person who tries to blow off evidence of criminal activity with such an egregious and blatant attempt at playing dumb.

“With a cloth or something?” Haha. Haha. It’s so funny. Wait, no, it’s not.

Let me or any of my hundred thousand active duty peers try that defense and see how it goes. We’ll be laughing our way to a jail cell in an orange jumpsuit.

No, you don’t get a pass because of your last name or because you’re the presumed Democrat candidate. At least I hope not. We’ll see if most of America agrees.

With a huge chunk of the country seriously considering Trump and a huge chunk seriously considering Hillary, all I can say is I’m glad I’m in Japan and don’t have to deal with most of this directly. Otherwise I’d probably be posting a lot more vitriolic frustration at the process, and at supporters on both sides of the political spectrum.

Meh, I can post whatever I want, so long as I wipe my server “with a cloth or something.” Right?

Haha. So funny.

How does this not infuriate you? Yes, she thinks you're that stupid that you'll buy this answer.
How does this not infuriate you? Yes, she thinks you’re that stupid that you’ll buy this answer.