August Word Count

I added up my word count for the month today…

…which is to say I put in all the zeros for the last week or so of grueling-paced, soul- crushing work as an aircrew member in the Air Force. Fourteen hours of work involving a 10-ish hour actual flight conducting a mission on a plane doesn’t lend itself to finding that creative writing headspace at the end of the day. I think I’m going to work just shy of 70 hours this week, after working all last week including the weekend. But I can’t say for certain, because my brain is doing triage and dumping useless or frustrating tasks like math.

Excuses excuses, I know. I’ve read all those writing books and articles too. “The single mom with two jobs made time to write her break-out novel. Stephen King made time every single day and never took a day off until he got hit by a car.”

Yes, I know. But I also don’t think I abdicate being a writer if I admit that right now, I don’t care.

I got just shy of 10K this month. Dismal compared to where I started out, but better than nothing.

A good chunk of the writing this month is part of a collaborative modern fanta-sci project with a friend in the States. And today I took actual lunch time, which consisted of starting a gist of a new Grant & Teagan for the weekly BlogBattle.

But my future military intelligence draft is getting reviewed to make sure I’m not accidentally inserting something deemed sensitive. (Come on guys, it’s psychic reconnaissance, it’s not real. Should I get out a tinfoil hat? Then again, if they’re worried about it, maybe I need one.)

Fantasy book 2 is somewhat stalled at the moment since I haven’t carved out time to really focus on writing. But at least the early chapters are seeing some critique in my writers’ groups.

And Scrivener on the iPad is filling up with more ideas that I’ll get to “some day.”

Two more years of this, and then I can retire. Dang… civilian life…

Who will I be able to blame for my low productivity then?

Here’s hoping your creative endeavors are more successful than mine at the moment!

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