i skipped Rachael Ritchey’s Blog Battle challenge this week. I had a couple ideas but nothing really came together in my mind.

Then my captain reminded our office that today is our base’s 24 hour POW/MIA Remembrance Run to honor America’s prisoners of war and those missing in action. 

I wrote down some thoughts this morning, and showed up to walk laps on lunch. While people run with a POW/MIA flag, servicemembers read a list of the missing.  Pure serendipity, I was walking past as they read several “Williamson” entries from World War II.

This week’s word took on a different meaning. 

Though we’re separated by 

Both time and distance

Anyone can hear my cry 

If they but pause to listen

A foray in a foreign land

That didn’t go the way we planned

Becomes a test of strength and honor

Which I must withstand 

So little left to hope in 

My resolve threatens to crack 

My body may be broken 

But my spirit is intact 

Memory my only token 

Of all that I now lack

The oaths that I have spoken 

I will keep ’til I get back 

All the tears you cry in silence

All the nights you felt my absence

All the times we would have kissed

All the moments that I’ve missed

And the pictures that I’m not in

While I’m gone but not forgotten

6 thoughts on “Distance”

      1. I was at the local book store, Aunties, when I read it, and R.A. Salvatore was there. I was checking my phone while I debated sticking around in the lonnnnng line to meet him face to face. 🙂 I didn’t have a book for him to sign, though, so decided against it, although, I’m sure to be kicking myself for it. He was a great speaker. 🙂

          1. That makes me wish you’d been there with me last night. I bet you could have talked me out of being a chicken so I could have actually met him long enough to say thanks. Haha

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