No Vote for You

While I am displeased by all the shenanigans and posturing on the GOP side, and I’m especially appalled that someone like Donald Trump can say whatever he wants and treat people like crap and yet still have a realistic shot of winning half the country’s support, I have to share this one.

No, I will not ever vote for someone who treats the American people like a bunch of idiots in the way Hillary Clinton does here. No, I will not bestow my vote upon you when you play so profoundly stupid as to not know what the question “Did you wipe the server” actually means. No, I will not consider you a serious contender for public office nor will I afford you any respect as a person. If you become Commander-in-Chief, I will execute orders faithfully out of respect for the office you hold and the oaths I have made. Because unlike you I have some measure of integrity. And I’ll complete my multiple annual computer-based training courses that tell me how to handle classified information and properly maintain official government records, then I’ll actually follow that guidance. But there’s no respect for a person who tries to blow off evidence of criminal activity with such an egregious and blatant attempt at playing dumb.

“With a cloth or something?” Haha. Haha. It’s so funny. Wait, no, it’s not.

Let me or any of my hundred thousand active duty peers try that defense and see how it goes. We’ll be laughing our way to a jail cell in an orange jumpsuit.

No, you don’t get a pass because of your last name or because you’re the presumed Democrat candidate. At least I hope not. We’ll see if most of America agrees.

With a huge chunk of the country seriously considering Trump and a huge chunk seriously considering Hillary, all I can say is I’m glad I’m in Japan and don’t have to deal with most of this directly. Otherwise I’d probably be posting a lot more vitriolic frustration at the process, and at supporters on both sides of the political spectrum.

Meh, I can post whatever I want, so long as I wipe my server “with a cloth or something.” Right?

Haha. So funny.

How does this not infuriate you? Yes, she thinks you're that stupid that you'll buy this answer.
How does this not infuriate you? Yes, she thinks you’re that stupid that you’ll buy this answer.

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