Literal Litter

“Someone would be dead if I found out who did this.”

That’s an actual comment on a video post about a dog that suffered severe torture. 

It reminded me of the outrage that stirs up when someone posts a hunting picture showing off a kill. I’m not talking Cecil the Lion, where illegal activity allegedly took place, just regular hunting for sport. Usually someone declares a desire to perforate the hunter or set wild animals upon him or her. 

Back to the point: 

In addition to other mistreatment, the dog’s nose was removed. This is horrific, terrible, unconscionable, inexcusable, and a number of other words to drive home “don’t treat dogs this way.”

Not that you needed to be told, but clearly someone does.

Well then. That link appeared in my feed right below another news post about undercover videos of Planned Parenthood activities and treatment of babies no wait fetuses no I mean human tissue samples not quite right let’s try medical waste.

But I keep hearing that PP’s actions are not nearly so bad as these “heavily edited” videos claim (beside the fact that full unedited versions are available to prove nothing has been taken out of context).

And champions of women’s right to choose defend PP and condemn those who obviously are out to destroy progress. 

So I wonder how they’d respond if I said “the video of the dog is photoshopped. She has a nose, they just edited it out to make their sad story.”

Who would believe that?

Or better yet. Suppose I found and posted video of fetal dogs being carefully extracted from a mother, let’s say at 5 weeks (about the midpoint of gestation). I mean, we spay and neuter to control pet populations so maybe this fits that category. 

Let’s say I have a video of a vet saying, “Watch this, you won’t believe it,” and poking the heart of the dog fetus so that it starts beating for a short time. Or cutting through the dog’s face to remove brains for medical research.

Let’s capture that on tape and see what kind of outrage it might stir up.

Would people feel differently if that was a human fetus removed from the womb whose heart continued beating for a bit in response to stimulus?

Because that’s happening.

Would people feel differently if litters of dog “tissue” or “waste” were being sold to research facilities without the owner’s consent?

I suspect so.

Replace dog with human and owner with mother and you have a factual story about what’s taking place in America today. We’ve turned humans into litter–and not the puppies kind.

I see that as a problem. I suspect that not everyone would. Because clearly not everyone does.

Callous disregard for life is generally frowned upon. Hearing what’s going on should stir our sensibilities and make us question whether we truly condone these activities. Ignoring it or blowing it off as “edited” is immoral. 

Not that you needed to be told, but clearly someone does.

3 thoughts on “Literal Litter”

  1. I get that some people might turn a blind eye because they’d rather not believe some of the terrible stories being shown in the videos. And I especially understand that people might want to brush these off due to an assumption this is all really just an attack on abortion as a whole, or an attempt to roll back women’s rights. I get that.
    But I disagree. One can be pro-choice and still demand scrutiny on disturbing unethical practices.

  2. I almost stopped reading at “the dog’s nose was removed.” I’m glad I didn’t.

    We need to be horrified at inhumane and unethical practices. All of them. And somehow, we need to follow Christ’s command to love. Our God, our fellow believers, our neighbors. AND our enemies, whoever they may be.

    And somehow, we need to hold this dichotomy in our hands with grace and mercy, with prayer, and the power and compassion of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, we will never escape the chains He already broke.

    Thank you for writing this as you did, David. You have moved me greatly.

    1. Well said. Thanks for your response. When I saw no response for several hours I worried that I finally (or once again?) went too far overboard with my thoughts. Then I remembered I posted it late at night in the States. Whoops.

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