A View on Israel

This is a long post from about a year ago, written by Sam Harris, noted atheist (or perhaps anti-theist).

As with any complex issue, the subject of Israel and the Palestinians is not easily resolved or reduced to a clear-cut solution. But Mr. Harris points out what I know I’ve felt is a great disparity, and he lays out his case in a careful, thoughtful manner.

I don’t agree with everything he wrote, of course. But his assessment of this situation seems spot-on to me.

Why Don’t I Criticize Israel, by Sam Harris.

3 thoughts on “A View on Israel”

  1. Why would Muslims want Jewish blood ? Muslims certainly don’t think Jews are animals. That’s absurd, because Islam has come from Judaism. Maybe the deluded Muslims who fail to understand Islam believe this.

    What this man writes is despicable. And there’s no such thing as a jihadist either, that word doesn’t exist in any language. Maybe he should stick to English and say terrorist.

    He has no morals either, thinking that the burning of holy books should be greeted with a shrug. Truly disgusting. I don’t know who this fool is.

    1. I appreciate your view but I disagree. He raises points then answers the expected counterpoints with each paragraph. That a significant number of self-proclaiming Muslims want to wipe out the existence of Israel is beyond doubt. I don’t know why they want Jewish blood but they say they do, so we should listen.
      Naturally as an atheist, he has a different moral perspective than I do, so some of his take is disagreeable to me. I think the point he makes isn’t that a holy book should be burned, but rather that the reactions we could expect would more likely be violent if it’s a Koran than if it’s a Bible, a copy of the Torah, or a Bhagavad Gita. His view is a pluralistic and secular society where we’re all free to express our views (including burning holy texts or doing and saying what others might deem offensive) without fear of violent retribution. To that extent I agree with him.

  2. Sam Harris is right, we ARE living in Israel, with radical terrorists ready to
    target us.

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