Tomorrow is my birthday. As I type, my wife is driving a van full of kids around the base and the community to spoil me with presents and my favorite food, CoCo’s curry.

Meanwhile, I came home to a quiet house, drew myself a hot bath, and made a Grey Goose & monster pink lemonade and a Gentleman Jack & Coke Zero. 

Terraria is running on the iPad as I wait for the special solar eclipse event I need. Hot water is soothing arthritic aches. I’m catching up on social media. And I am chatting with my nine year old over Messenger. 

I feel loved, even if I got no other present. 

Well, okay, I still demand CoCo’s… But other than that, I’m not picky. I’m quite satisfied and grateful beyond words. 

3 thoughts on “Loved”

  1. What a lovely post! I feel relaxed now myself. Hope your birthday tomorrow is wonderful, but it seems like it can’t help but be.

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