Time Off: My Least Favorite Part

After taking time off, then preparing to go back to work, the step I dislike most–despite knowing the feeling is inconsequential and silly–is shaving.

The military’s regs won’t permit a goatee, and I can’t abide a mustache by itself. I’ve tried, on behalf of my wife who always wants me to grow one. One look in the mirror and I am compelled to shave it off.

I managed to keep a mustache long enough to go to work and see how people reacted one day. After several sneers, jeers, and what I think was a lawful order from my Chief, I went home and shaved it off at lunch.

Maybe what I hate about it is a Monday morning sort of feeling… The sense of impending doom that says, “yes in fact you do have to go to that place every weekday, because you like doing things that require money and this is how you get that.”

Alas, poor facial hair, I knew thee well.


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