April is drawing to a close — a full third of this new year gone so quickly! 

I’ve been busy.

I returned home from a 3.5 month deployment, I completed the first draft of my fantasy novel, I reconnected with my wife and four kids over some time off and a vacation to the resort at the north end of Okinawa, and somewhere along the way I may have picked up a PS4. 

I’ve kept my plate full in order to finish some projects, and let some good things fall off the edge (like this blog). Several other projects also suffered neglect. 

I do miss the sense of community and the wonderful variety of posts that fill my reader, but I committed to finishing that manuscript before returning to work after my deployment. That took some focus. And while I have another novel just getting started, and two manuscripts to revise and self-publish, I feel I can take a breather from that one daunting task and bring some other priorities back into view.

So I’ll catch up a bit with some of the fun I had over the last few months while I’ve been away. And I’ll be sure to post updates once the novels are ready for public viewing. (Right now, my “baby” is in the hands of several well-meaning but linguistically-critical alpha readers, and I’m getting lots of valuable feedback.)

Just wanted to drop a post to say I’m grateful for those of you who have interacted with me here over the years. I appreciate your patience and your failure to click “unfollow” in the time I’ve been gone. 


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