This Is Water

The Daily Post had an inspirational Neil Gaiman speech that popped up in my reader and caught my eye. As an aspiring author and generally creative person always trying to make something worthy of the attention of another, I grapple with the same doubts and self-loathing about my work as I’ve heard described over and over again by other writers, artists, musicians, and creatives.

To hear someone like Neil Gaiman express his own fears of failure is encouraging. It says I’m not alone. Neither are you. We all struggle with these things.

I’d reblog their post but that seems silly. But here is a link just in case.

One of the commenters suggested watching David Foster Wallace deliver a speech called “This Is Water” as an additional thought-provoking message. I watched it, enjoyed it, didn’t agree with all of it, but loved the main thrust of his message.

You can see it here.

When we realize we’re all alone in this ocean together, it’s good to remember a little consideration of others goes a long way.

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