Dear Abby's Epic Fail

I’ve had several friends and co-workers over the years who would probably nod in affirmation while reading Abby’s response, and rail in frustration at Ragen’s post here. After all, body fat is one of the few socially acceptable ways we can outwardly judge a person at a glance. We keep limiting all the other options, so ignorant people need *somewhere* to channel their disappointment at the existence of those they deem unfit or unacceptable.

One thought on “Dear Abby's Epic Fail”

  1. As an active duty military member that has struggled with meeting weight requirements my whole career, I’ve had these similar arguments. To say that the weight requirement is about health is false. If a person can do the run, pushups, situps, etc…they should be considered fit. The weight requirement is just about image–social expectations. Wish that would be acknowledged.

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