Third Time's the Charm?

After seeing several posts from gun-loving friends and a number of posts from supporters of gun control, I had a thought this morning:

It seems to me the folks who ridicule the War on Drugs and the War on Terror as examples of government incompetence are the same folk who demand the government engage in a gun control campaign to get guns off the streets and stop the violence.

Let’s see: After years of war on drugs, strict laws and stiff penalties, and tons of money spent, yep, there’s still illegal drug use going on.

But no, go ahead, I’m sure that more laws and harsher penalties will make criminals think twice about gun violence. Clearly the government isn’t doing enough. Clearly that’s the problem.

I know I’m being overly simplistic about a complicated issue, and I don’t mean to ignore the tragedy of the various shootings that have taken place in our society. But seriously, why do people think a War on Guns is going to be effective?

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